New Books on Transference-Focused Psychotherapy

Treating Pathological Narcissism with Transference-Focused Psychotherapy book

Drs. Diamond, Yeomans, Stern, and Kernberg fill a crucial gap in the clinical literature, providing a contemporary view of pathological narcissism and presenting an innovative treatment approach. Available Sept. 2021.

Transference-Focused Psychotherapy for Adolescents With Severe Personality Disorders book

Drs. Normandin, Ensink, Weiner, and Kernberg offer clinicians a comprehensive, compassionate presentation of this specialized psychodynamic psychotherapy: promising treatments for adolescents with PDs.

Psychodynamic Therapy for Personality Pathology book

Drs. Caligor, Kernberg, Clarkin, Yeomans: concepts and techniques of psychodynamic psychotherapy from an object relations point of view; application of TFP beyond the borderline level of personality organization to the full range of personality pathology. Accompanied by educational video material.

Treatment of Severe Personality Disorders book

Dr. Kernberg presents an integrated update of the current knowledge of personality disorders, their neurobiological and psychodynamic determinants, and a specific psychodynamic psychotherapy geared to resolve psychopathology.

Fundamentals of Transference-Focused Psychotherapy book

Drs. Hersh, Caligor, and Yeomans describe the application of TFP principles across psychiatric settings in a way that will help all clinicians who deal with patients with personality disorders at the borderline level.

In this brief German language volume Dr. Doering describes TFP in a basic and pragmatic way including a lot of clinical material. An introduction to the model for those who want to get a foretaste.

The latest TFP manual and its translations:

Transference-Focused Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality Disorder: A Clinical Guide book       

New translations of TFP-related books:

Polish version of Otto Kernberg’s book: “Treatment of Severe Personality Disorders. Resolution of Aggression and Recovery of Eroticism”

Polish version of Otto Kernberg’s: “Treatment of Severe Personality Disorders. Resolution of Aggression and Recovery of Eroticism”

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