Advanced TFP workshop Budapest

Budapest, Friday, February 28 16:00 -20:00 and Saturday February 29 9-18:00

Workshop sponsored by the Budapest TFP work-group that will have two themes:

  1. The reaction of therapist under powerful pressure from patient and/or relatives – counter-transference acting out, its recognition and integration into the therapeutic process, with special respect to the role of sexuality
  2. Sexuality and perversions in personality disorders

The location is 1121 Budapest, Szanatorium u. 19


Fee: Friday-Saturday: 40 000 Ft, only Saturday: 25000 Ft

Bankaccount: 10100833-10911400-01004003

Anybody interested in personality disorders and/or sexuality is welcome – psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts. Not open to the lay public.