Contributing Content to the ISTFP Website

Much time has passed since this site was initially developed. The current Board encourages your participation in helping to keep this site current and robust by highlighting your activities and your works … a WIN/WIN situation!

All requests must be vetted by a Board member.

Seminars, Workshops, Courses, Programs, Events

Please submit your teachings in the following format to Frank Yeomans and Luis Valenciano:

  1. Title
  2. Dates and location
  3. Speakers, with credentials
  4. Sponsors, host organization
  5. Description and type of event
  6. Website link or PDF attachment with additional details, if available. Note: we prefer to link to content and event notification on another website whenever possible so that details and updates are seamlessly captured. Of course, if the link changes, re-submit please.

These events will be displayed 1) on the home page while upcoming*** and 2) on the page once past. Please reference the seminars page to view the format in which other activities have been presented. As our archives grow, we will likely split content onto multiple pages.

(It is not sufficient to say “I will be teaching where on this date.” If you provide a link without summary information, you will be counting on the web developer to get it right. The more detail, the less it costs us.)

***For seminars or courses with sub-courses and a series of start dates, it is important to provide these. Once your initial start date has passed, your course listing will automatically shift to the archive page. If you are still accepting additional registrations for sub-courses that are later in the series, it will be important to provide a new date (or deadline) so that the listing remains on the home page.

Please submit your information in English. If your course is being taught in another language and should be listed in that language, please follow the format and examples as closely as possible, but provide any necessary instructions in English.

International Groups

Please keep the content and contact information of your international groups up-to-date: Please submit similar level of detail.


When submitting content for any of the Publications pages,, please 1) submit the formal citation(s) and 2) specify exactly on which page(s) the works should appear, for example or Please specify the URL as the page title is not always sufficiently unique.

Books to appear on the home page should be submitted with:

  1. cover image or link to publisher website, and
  2. caption/summary, maximum of 225 characters.

Other Pages

We welcome and encourage updates to any of the other pages on the website. Please specify:

  • which page by its URL, and
  • specifically how/where to swap out old and new material.


Unless something is urgent, our web developer collects requests and processes in batch every few weeks. Maximum advance notice is important.

Please be sure to note any urgency and/or if content/photos linked to on a third party site may expire.