National/Regional TFP Societies and Groups

North America



TFP-Group Quebéc

Contact persons:
Lina Normandin, PhD
Full Professor of Psychology
École de psychologie
Université Laval


New York, NY

TFP-Group New York

Contact person: Frank Yeomans, M.D.
TFP–New York
122 East 42nd Street, Suite 3200
New York, NY 10168

Institution where TFP is offered to patients:
Please see
Regular training courses, workshops, and supervisions:
Please see

University Park, PA

TFP-Group Pennsylvania

Contact person: Kenneth N. Levy, PhD
Department of Psychology and the Psychological Clinic
Pennsylvania State University
521 Bruce V. Moore Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: +1-(0)814-8655848
Fax: +1-(0)814-8637002

Binghamton, NY

Group in development

Contact person: Mark F. Lenzenweger, PhD
Distinguished Professor
Laboratory of Experimental Psychopathology
Department of Psychology
The State University of New York at Binghamton
Science IV
Binghamton, New York 13902
Phone: +1-(0)607-7777148
Fax: +1-(0)-607-7774890

Dr. Mark F. Lenzenweger maintains a private practice, making use of the principles of TFP, in the treatment of a range of personality disorders. His practice is based in Ithaca, New York, USA. Dr.Lenzenweger’s research interests are in the area of schizotypy and schizophrenia as well as in the area of longitudinal study of severe personality disorders. His laboratory is based at The State University of New York at Binghamton. He is also an active collaborator with Dr. Otto Kernberg and Dr. John Clarkin at the Weill Cornell Medical College.

Latin America


Mexico City

TFP-Group Mexico – Grupo TFP México


Founder Members:

  1. Dr. Juan Pablo Ahumada /
  2. Dra. Xóchilt Duque /
  3. Dr. Iván Arango /
  4. Dra. Diana Téllez /
  5. Dra. Ruth Alcalá /
  6. Dr. Andrés Rodríguez /
  7. Dra. Marcela Blum /
  8. Dra. Laura González Macias /
  9. Dra. Marcela Biagini /

Grupo TFP México dates to 2012 along with the formation of the ISTFP, this group has been active ever since. We create regular training courses, workshops and supervisions. The nine founding members have accumulated experience in the knowledge, diagnosis and application of personality disorders and in the application of Transference Focused Psychotherapy.

We continually seek to get certifications and update the techniques and practice of TFP, as well as any topic that is avant-garde on the study of personality. Currently, and for several years, TFP Mexico Group has supervisors, teachers and psychotherapists certified by the ISTFP. The TFP Mexico Group continues to work directly with recognized TFP experts, such as Dr. Otto Kernberg, Dr. Frank Yeomans, Dr. Eric Fertuck, in addition to participating and being in close communication with international members and groups that are part of the ISTFP.

Additional details: The founding members of the TFP Mexico Group have accumulated many years of experience in the organization of training courses, on the diagnosis of Personality Disorder and Transference-Focused Psychotherapy, both in Mexico and Internationally. It is possible to design ad hoc training courses in hospitals, health centers or for groups interested in the subject.

South America


Santiago de Chile

Instituto Chileno de Trastornos de Personalidad

Contact person: Benny Oksenberg, MD
Malaga 115 Oficina 808
Las Condes
Phone: +56-(0)2-22280970/ +56-(0)9-94491157/ +56-(0)9-95434570

The institute is dedicated since 2008 to treat, teach, and do research on personality disorders. At this moment there are 16 members, 11 psychologists and 5 psychiatrists. ICHTP has been associated to Universities and Chilean Ministry of Health to teach diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders, also it has been invited to lecture on personality disorders at conferences, hospitals and psychoanalytic institutions. An alliance has been developed with Midap (Millennium Institute for Depression Research), we have collaborated in research projects: Validation of the OPD-SQ instrument (2016), specifically the dimension of structure using the Stipo (validated in Chile in 2008) and Active ingredients of change in Transference-Focused Psychotherapy (2018). New Units have been recently created: Adolescent and TFP. The ICHTP offer regular supervision, lectures and fellowships.

Santiago de Chile

Grupo TFP Chile

Contact: Veronica Steiner Segal
Address: Avda Las Condes 10465 of 704, Santiago

Grupo TFP Chile, is a society of studies in TFP, formed in 2019 with the purpose of researching and training clinicians in the technique of TFP.
We have continuous training courses certified by the ISTFP, among them an annual training course in Severe Personality Disorders carried out in conjunction with the University of Valparaiso, a program leading to a future Master’s program in Transference Focused Psychotherapy.
In addition, Grupo TFP Chile participates in different teaching activities in pre-graduate career of psychology at various universities.
Grupo TFP Chile collaborates closely with TFP Uruguay in teacher training for Latin America and in research activities for the region.




Contact: Mónica Eidlin

TFP-URUGUAY was created in 2016. Our objective is the transmission of Transference Focused Psychotherapy through annual courses certified by the ISTFP, conferences in Psychological Institutions, Hospitals, and especially in the Faculty of Psychology of Uruguay. We currently have an important group of psychologists and psychiatrists in training, grouped in different supervision groups. We have the collaboration of Dr. Luis Valenciano and the TFP Group Chile, both in the courses and in the supervisions. Once a year, we carry out workshops in charge of Dr. Frank Yeomans in which colleagues from several Latin American countries participate. Another of our objectives is the formation of research groups to be carried out from 2021.




TFP-Group Vienna

Contact person: Professor Stephan Doering, MD
Chair of the Dept. of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
Medical University of Vienna
Währinger Gürtel 18-20
A-1090 Wien
Phone: +43-1-40400-25190/-30610
Fax: +43-1-406 68 03

Dr. Peter Schuster was one of the first European psychiatrists and psychoanalysts who invited Otto F. Kernberg for lectures and training courses to Vienna. Since the early 1980s Otto F. Kernberg regularly visits Vienna and delivers training and supervision to TFP therapists. In the late 1990s Bernhard Brömmel visited the Personality Disorders Institute in New York and received TFP training by Otto F. Kernberg and his colleagues. From 2003 – 2010 the Viennese TFP therapists took part in the Munich-Vienna TFP study that demonstrated the efficacy of the treatment (Doering et al. Br J Psychiatry 2010; 196(5):389-395). The Viennese TFP therapists belong to three institutions: The Academy for Psychoanalysis, the Austrian Society of Applied Depth Psychology and General Psychotherapy (ÖGATAP), and the Department of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, Medical University of Vienna. During the last decade regular TFP training courses are offered and a number of regular supervision groups take place in Vienna. Moreover, Viennese TFP trainers and supervisors are delivering TFP courses in several places in Austria and Germany as well as at international conferences.
After the International Society of Transference-Focused Psychotherapy (ISTFP) has been inaugurated in New York in 2011, Vienna became the headquarter of the society with Stephan Doering as vice president and executice officer and Melitta Fischer-Kern as treasurer.

Institution where TFP isoffered to patients:
Dept. of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
Medical University of Vienna
Währinger Gürtel 18-20
A-1090 Wien
Phone: +43-1-40400-30670
Fax: +43-1-406 68 03

Regular training courses, workshops, and supervisions:
Regular TFP training courses including continuous supervision are offered in Vienna jointly by the Academy for Psychoanalysis, the Austrian Society of Applied Depth Psychology and General Psychotherapy (ÖGATAP), and the Department of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, Medical University of Vienna.

Approved TFP teachers and supervisors:

  • Dr. Bernhard Brömmel
    Penzinger Straße 106/2, 1140 Wien, Tel.: 0664-2268394,
  • Dr. Andrea Bronner
    Böcklinstraße 12/11, 1020 Wien, Tel: 0699 17273913,
  • Dr. George Brownstone
    Girardigasse 3/24, 1060Wien, Tel.: 0676 7384299,
  • Prof. Dr. Stephan Doering
    Klinik für Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie, Medizinische Universität Wien, Währinger Gürtel 18-20, A-1090 Wien, Tel.: +43-1-40400-30610,
  • Mag. Martin Engelberg
    Rudolfsplatz 9, 1010Wien, Tel.: +43-1-5326310,
  • Ass.-Prof. Dr. Melitta Fischer-Kern
    Klinik für Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie, Medizinische Universität Wien, Währinger Gürtel 18-20, A-1090 Wien, Tel.: +43-1-40400-30670,
  • Priv.-Doz. Dr. Fritz Lackinger
    Otto-Bauer-Gasse 20/8, 1060 Wien, Tel. +43-1-585 11 95,
  • Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Katharina Leithner-Dziubas
    Klinik für Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie, Medizinische Universität Wien, Währinger Gürtel 18-20, A-1090 Wien, Tel.: +43-1-40400-30670,
  • Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Henriette Löffler-Stastka
    Klinik für Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie, Medizinische Universität Wien, Währinger Gürtel 18-20, A-1090 Wien, Tel.: +43-1-40400-30670,
  • Dr. Eva Ptak-Wiesauer
    Neustiftgasse 53/II/56, 1070 Wien,
  • OR Dr. Peter Schuster
    Währinger Gürtel 35/5, A-1090 Wien, Tel.: +43-1-4060144



TFP Institut München (TFP Institute Munich)

Chair: Prof. Dr. Philipp Martius, Bad Kreuznach
email: martius@psychotherapie-schlossplatz.deinfo@tfp-institut-muenchen.deAddress:
TFP-Institut München
Mrs Anne Seybold
D-80999 München
mail: info@tfp-institut-muenchen.deThe German TFP Institute in Munich was founded by Prof.Dr. Peter Buchheim. It has a long-standing tradition in the application, development, training, supervision, and research on TFP. It has been involved in the Munich-Vienna-Study for the evaluation of TFP treatment. A number of experiencedTFP therapists are connected via the institute and help patients with severe personality disorders to find adequate therapy.Institution where TFP isoffered to patients:
The TFP-Institut München offers contacting TFP therapists.
Requests should be sent to training courses, workshops, and supervisions:
Regular basic and follow-up seminars are held in Munich and in Höhenried as specified on our website: www.tfp-institut-muenchen.deApproved TFP teachers and supervisors:
See website:


TFP-Group Berlin

Institut für Psychotherapie e.V. Berlin
Goerzallee 5
D-12207 Berlin
Phone: +49-(0)30-84186711
Fax: +49-(0)30-84186713

Contact person: Marion Braun
Hagenstr. 27
D-14193 Berlin
Phone: +49-(0)30-873 03 82

The Berlin TFP Group is a working group of the “Institut für Psychotherapie e.V. Berlin,” one of Germany’s largest Institutes for Psychoanalysis. It offers advanced training for specialists in child/ adolescent psychotherapy as well as adult psychotherapy.
Inspired by Otto F. Kernberg, who for years has worked closely with this institution in manifold ways, Irmhild Kohte-Meyer founded the TFP Group in 2004. She was the head of the team until she passed away in 2011. After this, Werner Köpp had assumed her role, who handed over the function of the spokesperson to Marion Braun in 2014.
The goal of the group’s founding members was to first internalize the TFP treatment method and then to establish TFP according to Kernberg at the “Institut für Psychotherapie”. The project group’s main focus lies in theoretical training, in the supervision by Otto F. Kernberg and Mathias Lohmer as well as in peer consulting within a small collegial group.
Currently, we are dealing with the topic of how severe personality developmental disorders on the structural level of BPD are manifested in child’s play.
TFP for the treatment of adolescents is also a part of the curriculum in which child- and adolescent therapists are taking part as well.
By and by we have offered patients with severe personality disorders TFP treatment through the communications office at the “Institut für Psychotherapie e.V. Berlin”.
Since 2009, we have been offering seminars on TFP for advanced training candidates in the framework of their psychoanalytic studies.
A curriculum for further training has been available to certified psychoanalysts at our institution since 2010. This way of training is also supported by Otto F. Kernberg and Mathias Lohmer by means of theory and case studies. At the time we are organizing peer consulting groups consisting of 4 – 6 participants.
The Berlin TFP Group is currently striving to expand its network with medical centers and institutes on a Berlin-Brandenburg scale.

Institution where TFP is offered to patients:
Institut für Psychotherapie e.V. Berlin
Vermittlungsstelle: Frau Koenig
Goerzallee 5
D-12207 Berlin
Phone: +49-(0)30-84186731
Fax: +49-(0)30-84186733

Regular training courses, workshops, and supervisions:
Regular supervisions in small groups (4 – 6 participants) as well as supervisions by Otto F. Kernberg from New York and Mathias Lohmer from Munich. Regular training courses, workshops and instructions in theory and methods are offered by the above mentioned supervisors.

Approved TFP teachers and supervisors:

Marion Braun, M.A.
Hagenstr. 27, 14193 Berlin, Tel: 873 03 82, (TFP)

Martina Drust, M.A.
Sredzkistr.35 10435 Berlin, Tel: 32 70 58 93, (TFP for children and adolescents)

Irma Gleiss, Ph.D.
Hektorstr. 12, 10711 Berlin, Tel: 324 71 73, (TFP)

Vivian Heitmann, Ph.D.
Gipsstr. 2, 10119 Berlin, Tel: 26 55 66 77, (TFP)

Gabriele Kehr, M.A.
Warmbrunner Str. 46–48. 14193 Berlin, Tel: 825 98 56, (TFP and TFP for children and adolescents)

Carolin Keller, M.A.
Boxhagenerstr. 111, 10245 Berlin, Tel: 29 36 86 69, (TFP and TFP for children and adolescents)

Werner Köpp, M.D.
Maaßenstr. 8, 10777 Berlin, Tel: 23 62 42 17, (TFP)

Irmgard Kreft, M.A.
Königin-Elisabeth-Str. 1, 14059 Berlin, Tel: 301 77 27, (TFP for children and adolescents)

Silke von Polenz, M.A.
Hildegardstr. 14, 10715 Berlin, Tel: 694 39 82, (TFP)

Silvia Weihert, M.A.
Albrechtstr. 5, 10117 Berlin, Tel: 28 09 90 70, (TFP)


TFP-Institut Nord (TIN)

Website with a list of all TFP therapists in Hamburg:
Contact person: Birger Dulz, M.D.
Klinik für Persönlichkeits- und Traumafolgestörungen
Asklepios Klinik Nord – Ochsenzoll
Langenhorner Chaussee 560
D-22419 Hamburg
Phone: +49-(0)40-181887-2428/-2328
Fax: +49-(0)40-181887-1536


Parma – Milano

TFP-Group Parma – Milano
PDlab – Personality Disorders Lab

Contact person: Dr. Sergio Dazzi
PDlab Presindent
18, b.go G. Tommasini
43100 Parma
Phone +39-0521-238114

PDlab is a registered scientific association devoted to the treatment, study and research in the area of personality disorders. Specifically, Pdlab’s mission is to foster the knowledge and application of the object relations model of personality pathology within the Italian psychiatric context. Therefore, PDlab encourages affiliation with private and public mental health facilities to develop teaching programs to apply TFP-based treatments as well as research projects.

All PDlab members are licensed psychotherapists, including psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. While some of them are in private practice only, others also serve as staff clinicians or faculty within Italian public psychiatric services (Departments of Mental Health of Lecco and Parma) and/or University Departments (University of Parma- University of Milano Bicocca). This professional heterogeneity accounts for the group’s commitment to pursue both clinical and research aims related to the association’s goals.

Executive Board of PDlab: Sergio Dazzi, MD, President; Fabio Madeddu. MD, Vice President; Monica Rabaglia, PhD, Secretary; RomoloGadaldi, MD, Treasurer; Susanna Brambilla, MD; Maria Beatrice Cassani, PhD; Chiara De Panfilis, MD; Valentina Di Mattei, PhD; Emanuele Preti. PhD; Antonio Prunas, PhD; AlviseOrlandini, MD; Irene Sarno, PhD

Institution where TFP isoffered to patients:
TFP is provided on a private practice basis in Parma (where PDlab is officially based), Milano, and Lecco by the members of the PDlab, please see

Regular training courses, workshops, and supervisions:
PDlab runs a regular two-day basic training course and regular supervisions for licensed mental health professionals who are planning to become members or fellows of PDlab and/or TFP therapists.
Several members of the group are regularly requested to present on TFP theory, research and model of treatment at national conferences or local seminars on personality disorders. Lectures usually focus on illustrating the potential advantages of implementing TFP within the Italian public and private mental health facilities for personality disorders. In addition, PDlab members teaching in University Departments are introducing TFP principles to psychology students and psychiatry residents, within their annual course schedule.
Weekly group meetings are scheduled both in Parma and Milan, devoted to group supervision as well as to clinical and theoretical discussions. Professionals in the scientific community are welcome to attend the clinical discussions.



Cracow Psychodynamic Center

TFP is offered as a treatment method, and regular trainings, workshops and supervisions are conducted at:
Cracow Psychodynamic Center
56 Zamoyskiego Street
30-523 Kraków
Contact persons:
Janusz Kitrasiewicz
Maciej Wilk

Supported by the Polish Society for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Contact person: President Piotr Miszewski

TFP in Poland is promoted by the Krakow Psychodynamic Center, the largest training center in the country, offering 4-year post-graduate training in psychodynamic psychotherapy for adults, adolescents and children, recommended by the Polish Psychological Society. The center based its therapeutic and didactic activity on Otto Kernberg’s achievements, teaching and implementing the elements of TFP in psychotherapy of adults and youth.

The cooperation between the Krakow Psychodynamic Center and the ISTFP began in 2013 on the initiative of Janusz Kitrasiewicz, Director of the Krakow Psychodynamic Center. Since then, numerous workshops and supervisions have been conducted in Poland by: Otto Kernberg, Eve Caligor, John Clarkin, Eric Fertuck, Karin Ensink, Frank Yeomans.

In agreement with Frank Yeomans, Janusz Kitrasiewicz led to the creation of 7 TFP training groups, led by ISTFP teachers and supervisors: Frank Yeomans, Eric Fertuck, Neil Draijer, Sergio Dazzi, Monica Carsky, Alvise Orlandini. Currently, 27 participants of these training groups have been certified as TFP psychotherapists; the rest are preparing for the exam. The therapists, who have had their training in TFP, conduct classes, supervisions and workshops as part of the 4-year School of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, and are preparing to receive the TFP supervisor/teacher certificate.

The development of TFP in Poland is also strongly supported by the Polish Society for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, which brings together over 1800 psychotherapists.

At the conferences organized by the Polish Society for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, when Maciej Wilk was president, the lecturers were Otto Kernberg, Eve Caligor, Karin Ensink, Frank Yeomans and John Clarkin. Each of these conferences was attended by more than 1100 people, most of them are members of the Polish Society for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

At that time the Polish Society for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy published 3 TFP textbooks in Polish: “Transference-focused psychotherapy for personality disorder. A CLINICAL GUIDE” (published in Poland in 2015), “Handbook of Dynamic Psychotherapy for Higher Level Personality Pathology” (published in 2017) and “Psychodynamic therapy for personality pathology. Treating Self and Interpersonal Functioning” (released in 2019).

Also, in a periodical published by the Polish Society for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy called: “Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in Poland” we regularly publish articles on TFP, interviews with teachers and ISTFP supervisors. In the latest issue of the periodical (October 2020) we published an interview with Sergio Dazzi and an article by Otto Kernberg on psychotic personality structure.



Group in development

For the Russian-speaking mental health practitioners the Project has been developed by the Psy Event Partners Group and the Russian TFP Society.

Contact person: Konstantin Gutman
WhatsApp +79092677174

In Russia the Project launched beginning with the seminar of Dr. Otto Kernberg in 2016.
To date, with the support of New York TFP Group we have organised two rounds of Didactic Level Training for 200 professionals. In 2020 we organise the training for our 3rd cohort.
100 professionals continued their training in a 2-year Advanced Level Program. Nowadays six supervision groups operate under the leadership of the ISTFP supervisors. The first specialists prepare their cases for a defence in 2020/21.

Teachers and supervisors of the Russian project: Dr. Otto F. Kernberg, M.D., Dr. Frank Yeomans, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. Barry L. Stern, Ph.D., Dr. Eve Caligor, M.D., Dr. Eduarda Vendysova Bakalarova, Ph.D., Dr. Gerhard Damman, M.D.

For learning more about TFP training opportunities in Russian please contact:



Grup TLP Barcelona

Contact persons: Alfons Icart (PhD), President Grup TLP Barcelona
Joan Vegué (MD), Second vice-president
Grup TLP Barcelona
Mare de Deu del Coll 20
08023 Barcelona
Tel: +34-93-2118003

Grup TLP Barcelona is a partnership between three institutions: Fundació Orienta, CPB – Serveis Salut Mental and Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR), which provides services in the public mental health network that has been created with the aim of promoting training, research, and comprehensive treatment in the field of severe personality disorders.

The goals of our group are to provide:
▪ A systematic structured diagnosis for personality disorders
▪ Comprehensive care for BPD in all stages of a patient’s development
▪ Specialized treatment programs
▪ Specific training for our psychotherapists in the field of BPD
▪ Detailed evaluation of the results of our practice
▪ Research projects to contribute to BPD knowledge improvements

We are being trained TFP since 2010, now we are doing 4 supervision groups, with a total of 30 professionals doing that training.

At the moment Grup TLP Barcelona has in its team: 4 certified teachers and supervisors (Alfons Icart, Joan Vegue, Teresa Ribalta, Maria Jesus Rufat) and 6 certified TFP therapists (Marta Gomà, Luisa Morales, Eulalia Ripoll, Brenda Tarragona, Tuulikki Trias, Esther Verdaguer).

We are working in different studies on the effectiveness of the treatment programs for BPD that we offer including TFP and we are working on the adaption of TFP group psychotherapy to our severe BPD patients. Our group has an important previous experience in BPD research, taking part in national and international projects and with published papers in specialized magazines.


Murcia TFP Group

Contact person: Luis Valenciano, M.D.
Personality Disorders Program, Day Hospital, Hospital Román Alberca, Murcia
Murcia, Avenida de la Constitución, 10, 4B
Murcia, 30008


Bilbao TFP Group

Contact person: Miguel Angel Gonzalez-Torres, M.D.
Dep. Neuroscience
University of the Basque Country
Psychiatry Service
Basurto University Hospital



TFP-Group Münsterlingen

Contact persons: Gerhard Dammann, MD; Christiane Rösch
Psychiatric Hospital
P.O. Box 154
CH-8596 Münsterlingen
Phone: +41-(0)71-6864021
Fax: +41-(0)71-6864035

The Münsterlingen group focuses on TFP for adult patients and stands in close cooperation with the TFP-Insitute of Munich.The Münsterlingen group focuses on TFP for adult patients and stands in close cooperation with the TFP-Insitute of Munich.

Institution where TFP isoffered to patients:
In June 2008 a specific TFP inpatient treatmentwas implemented at the Psychiatric Hospital Münsterlingen.

Psychotherapiestation für Persönlichkeitsstörungen B
Psychiatrische Klinik Münsterlingen
CH-8596 Münsterlingen
Phone: +41-(0)71-6864064
Fax: +41-(0)71-6864035

Regular training courses, workshops, and supervisions:
In cooperation with the TFP-institute Munich in spring 2010 basic courses in TFP were offered in Münsterlingen, since then every year 3 courses in TFP are continued. This resulted in a platform and network for therapists, who are interested in psychodynamic treatment of borderline patients.
In autumn 2010 two supervision groups with 4-5 participants started. The supervisors are Dr. Claudia Bailer and Dr. Agnes Schneider-Heine from the TFP-Institute Munich.
Since autumn 2011 within the education for internship in psychiatry a 12 lesson introduction in TFP is given.

Approved TFP teachers and supervisors:

Gerhard Dammann, MD
Psychiatric Hospital, P.O. Box 154, CH-8596 Münsterlingen,
Phone: +41-(0)71-6864021,

Christiane Rösch, Dipl.-Psych.
Psychiatric Hospital, P.O. Box 154, CH-8596 Münsterlingen,
Phone: +41-(0)71-6864064,


TFP-Group Lausanne

Contact persons: Dres. Stéphane Kolly, Jessica Droz, Patric Charbon
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois
Service de Psychiatrie Générale du DP-CHUV
Consultations de Chauderon
Place Chauderon 18
1003 Lausanne
Phone:   +41 (0)21 314 46 92
Fax:  +41 (0) 21 314 12 77

The Lausanne group focuses on TFP in-patient and outpatient treatment for adult patients and stands in close cooperation with the TFP-Group Münsterlingen/Switzerland. Frank Yeomans MD, PhD (New York)  and Louis Diguer, PhD (Québec) are regular supervisors for the Lausanne group.

The Netherlands

Amsterdam, Leiden, Maastricht

TFP Nederland (TFP Netherlands)

Contact persons: Paul Wijts, chairman
Sterappelstraat 58

Nel Draijer, PhD, secretary
Leidsekade 101’’
1017PP Amsterdam
Phone: +31-(0)6-41146732

Jos van Mosel, treasurer
BlauweVogelweg 2A
2333 VK Leiden
Phone: +31-(0)71-5150112

TFP was introduced in the Netherlands in the 1990s by Otto Kernberg and Frank Yeomans. About 50 therapists are trained, supervised and experienced in delivering TFP, while twice as many received some form of TFP training. TFP has been included into the National Guidelines for the Treatment of Personality Disorders (2008) and in formal professional training. A mailing list of TFP-trained clinicians has been gathered by Paul Wijts and Nel Draijer to organize yearly national supervision meetings with Frank Yeomans.The Dutch society ‘TFP Netherlands’ was founded in May 2012. Members of TFP Nederland will be registered clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists or those in training to be registered, and who have received TFP training according to the Society’s criteria, who are actively conducting TFP, and who participate in TFP intervision groups. Junior members (‘aspirants’) are those who have started the theoretical and technical TFP training as well as their own psychoanalytic psychotherapy.Statutes of ‘TFP Nederland’ follow those of the ISTFP. Aims are:

  • To promote the development and practice of TFP in the Netherlands.
  • To provide training and supervision opportunities for future TFP therapists.
  • To promote research on TFP.

In order to achieve these aims (board) members of TFP Nederland teach TFP in formal post-doc training courses on psychotherapy, clinical psychology, psychoanalysis and psychiatry. They organize national training courses and local supervision opportunities for new members. The society is in close cooperation with the Dutch Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (NVPP), which has a formal ‘license register’ for TFP. The society organizes a yearly national conference on TFP development and practice, in close contact with the Personality Disorders Institute (PDI) in New York (Frank Yeomans). In 2012 TFP Nederland organizes the 2nd International ISTFP conference.

Institutions where TFP is offered to patients:
NPI Amsterdam:
GGZ Ingeest, Amsterdam:
PuntP, Amsterdam:
Altrecht, Utrecht:
RiaggRijnmond, Rotterdam:
Riagg Maastricht:
Jelgersma, Oegsgeest:

Regular training courses, workshops, and supervisions:
Regular training courses

  • TFP in the official post-doc psychotherapy training (RINOAmsterdam, Maastricht, Leiden) (24-30 hours theory & technique and 25 hours supervision)
  • Two year course TFP therapist (Dutch Psychoanalytic Institute) (120 hours, including technical seminar)
  • TFP in the post-doc long term psychotherapy training and supervision at the Department of Psychiatry (VUMC, Amsterdam)
  • TFP in the official training of the Dutch Society of Psychoanalysis (NVPA) and the Dutch Society of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (NVPP) (chapters in the third and fourth year of official psychoanalytic training and in psychoanalytic psychotherapy training) (2x 12 hours as well as the possibility of supervision)
  • In service TFP training on request. Workshops/lectures
  • Are organized on a regular basis all over the Netherlands Supervision
  • Dutch Psychoanalytic Institute / GGZinGeest: 2 groups
  • Amsterdam (private): 1 group
  • All board members supervise TFP individually on a regular basis

Approved TFP teachers and supervisors:

Paul Wijts, Maastricht
Director Virenze (institute for mental health), psychoanalist, TFP supervisor,

Nel Draijer, PhD, Amsterdam
Department of Psychiatry, VU Medical center / GGZinGeest, Phone: +31-(0)6-41146732,,

Jos van Mosel, Amsterdam / Leiden
BlauweVogelweg 2A, 2333 VK Leiden, Phone: +31-(0)71-5150112

Eduarda Vendysova Bakalarova, Amsterdam
Anna van den Vondelstraat 3, 1054 GX Amsterdam, Phone: +31-(0)20-6853930,

Kees Kooiman, PhD, Rotterdam / Leiden
Riagg Rijnmond, Department of Psychotherapy, Rotterdam/Schiedam, Center for Personality Disorders Jelgersma, Oegstgeest/Leiden, p.a. Schellinglaan 28, 2271 VE Voorburg, Phone: +31-(0)70-3208444,

Marike Steeman, Maastricht
Riagg Maastricht,
Gardeniersstraat 3, 6212GN Maastricht,


Group in development

Contact person: Dr. Birgitte Jacobsen
Gravvaengevej 8
5882 Vejstrup
Phone: ++45-29887314

“Danish Forum”

Contact persons: Dr. Lisa Bromer,
Heidi Hvidberg, MSc,
Hanne Bruhn, MSc,

United Kingdom


UK Chair

Dr Anne Ward (TFP Trainer & Supervisor)
Consultant Psychiatrist & Psychoanalyst
Maudsley Hospital Outpatients Department
Denmark Hill
London SE5 8AZ


UK Education & Training Lead

Frank Denning, MSc (TFP Trainer & Supervisor)
Principal Adult Psychotherapist
Manchester Specialist Psychotherapy Service
Gaskell House
Swinton Grove

The UK Society runs trainings and workshop, and is currently training a second generation of TFP Trainers and Supervisors, and TFP Therapists. Our training is accredited by the British Psychoanalytic Council, which is the main regulatory body for psychoanalytically-oriented trainings in the UK. Trainings are delivered in both London and Manchester.




Group in development

Dr. Theophilus Kok
Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist
Founder and Director, Institute of Personality Studies and Development
Room 418, Xuefeng Plaza, Qingtai Street,
Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, 310009 Zhejiang
Phone: +86-13735844835

TFP was first introduced in China in 2017 when Dr. Otto Kernberg was invited by Dr. Kok to present a 5-day seminar in Hangzhou. The Institute of Personality Studies and Development was established in 2018 and is dedicated to treat patients with personality disorders, to organize and run training programs for treatments for personality disorders, as well as to conduct research on personality disorders. The mission of the Institute is to provide education, raise public awareness and understanding, decrease stigma, enhance primary care for people affected by personality disorders, and influence the mental health policy in this field. In 2018, the Institute, in collaboration with the Personality Disorders Institute in New York and ISTFP, invited Dr. Frank Yeomans to host the first 3-year online TFP training program in China. About 50 professionals were trained in this program and more than half of them are continuing their training in supervision groups operated by the ISTFP supervisors.