Continuing Education Program in TFP since 2016 by Grupo TFP México

Taught in Spanish, online version, face-to-face or hybrid format.

Courses usually begin on the third Saturday of January and third Saturday of August each year.

Two main courses:

  • Basic course in TFP
  • TFP course applied to the Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

It is worth mentioning that our educational offering might differ because we are constantly renewing our plans such as the Semi-structured Interview of Personality Organization – STIPO Workshop (by request).

The two main events that we mention help the participants to obtain the Level-A certification for the ISTFP, which indicates that the student must participate in a course, seminar or workshop to obtain the equivalent of 63 hours of guaranteed training seminars by the ISTFP.

Speakers: TFP- Group México – Founding members (all certified by the ISTFP).

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Full-time teachers:

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*The founding members of the TFP Group México have accumulated many years of experience in the organization of training courses, on the diagnosis of Personality Disorder and Transference-Focused Psychotherapy, both in México and Internationally. It is possible to design tailored training courses in hospitals, health care centers or groups interested in the subject.

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