TFP Training — Second Year

Budapest, Hungary — February 27 and 28, 2020

Instructor: Judit Lendvay MD

The upcoming, February 27-28 course is taught in Hungarian by Judit Lendvay and it is the 4th 2-day seminar of the 6th class. (The website is

Background: TFP training in Budapest began in 2013 under the auspices of the Munich TFP Institutes, specifically Mathas Loehmer and Coronna Wernz. In addition, from the Vienna Institute, Gerhardt Brommel and George Brownstone, and Judit Lendvay MD from NY have been teaching the courses. The supervisors are Drs Loehmer, Wernz, Brommel, Brownstone and Lendvay. At this point in time the course consists of a series of 8 2-day seminars over the course of 2 years. (Earlier was six 2-day seminars.)

The courses are not open to the public and depending on who is teaching, they are taught in Hungarian or in German with Hungarian translation.

Judit Lendvay MD is a board certified psychiatrist and training and supervising analyst with a private practice combining therapy and psychopharmacology. Dr Lendvay has years of training at Cornell and Columbia where she is now an Assistant Clinical Professor teaching the new generation of medical students, psychiatry residents and psychologists.