These instructions are for specific/custom admin methods over and above standard WordPress methods, i.e. where Pages or Posts have nuances warranting explanation. Additionally, in the upper right of each admin panel is a Screen Options tab that can be expanded and customized for minimal clutter.

Pages and Posts are among the more straightforward edits. Open the page in the admin list, copy the info to be updated (retaining the links), and insert or paste over the section you desire to replace.


In the Pages list, expand the Screen Options and change the number of items per page to something larger than 68 so you can see all pages in one panel. That makes it easier to find the page you want to edit and there is a negligible change in performance. Check Author, Date, and ID. In the Posts list, increase the number of items per page, and also check Categories.

screen options, pages list

On a single Page, expand the Screen Options and uncheck everything except 1) Page Attributes, 2) Revisions, and 3) Enable full-height editor. On a single Post, uncheck everything except 1) Categories, 2) Custom Fields, and 3) Enable full-height editor.

POSTS — Upcoming seminars, courses, events

Add a new post. Insert the title of the event. In the body field, add the date and location, then format as Heading2. Add the rest of the info in paragraph form. If the info is lengthy, insert a “more” tag (2nd from right in icons) below what should show on the home page. In the right column, select the type of activity among seminars, courses, or events. Below the content field, in Custom Fields, select “event_date” and insert the date in the format such as 2020-02-27.


The International Groups page warrants a tip to avoid a potential pasting problem because it is set up as a table. Within the page, some sections of the table are taller than the screen. That can result in highlighting the entire table cell rather than just the text. I suggest you delete some text, marked as red, until the text in that table cell is short and you can highlight it all, then paste. Highlight the title lines and click the bold icon shown in blue. If any of the links don’t copy, you can use the link icon, also highlighted in blue.


I do encourage making external inks open in a new tab or window, and this is an extra step, not imperative, but good if you can do it. Click on a link to an external website (this does not apply to email links) and you will see the link panel with a pencil and an unlink icon. Click the pencil, highlighted.

Then click the gear, highlighted.

Then check “open link in a new tab.”


Hopefully the automated emails contain the information needed to understand each transaction/process. Some information is displayed differently on different screens, however, and additional notes are included here.